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Providing Language Interpretation Services Across  300+ Languages with 15,000 Certified Interpreters

Dedicated Canadian Servers

300+ Languages

15,000 Certified Interpreters

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Our mission at Lingotec is to empower global communication through superior language services. We aim to be the bridge in your cross-cultural interactions, helping you navigate the multilingual landscape with ease and expertise.
Together, let's create a world that's fluently connected.

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All-in-one Interpretation Platform

Leveraging the most advanced technology on the market, Lingotec delivers an unparalleled experience for both you and your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What range of interpreting services does Lingotec offer?

Can Lingotec handle interpreting for specialized fields?

What languages are supported by Lingotec’s interpreting services?

How does Lingotec ensure the quality and confidentiality of its services?

Can Lingotec support emergency 911 calls?

Is there a facility for direct dial numbers for specific languages?

Who handles the translation services offered by Lingotec?






Improves global connectivity by facilitating clear communication across different languages, enhancing user experience in a connected world.

Emergency Services

Provides immediate interpreting to ensure critical information is accurately conveyed during emergencies, saving lives and resources.


Enhances the shopping experience for non-English speakers, improving customer service and expanding market reach.

Non-Profits & NGOs

Enables effective outreach and program delivery in diverse communities, ensuring that language does not hinder humanitarian efforts.

Conferences & Events

Transforms events into global platforms with real-time interpreting, ensuring every attendee can engage, regardless of language.


Supports clear and accurate communication in multinational teams, ensuring safety and efficiency in operations.

Finance & Banking

Facilitates global transactions and financial consultations by ensuring clear communication between clients and institutions across languages.

Marketing & Advertising

Helps brands reach a wider audience with culturally and linguistically tailored campaigns, maximizing global market penetration.

Tourism & Hospitality

Enhances guest experiences by breaking down language barriers, making travel more accessible and enjoyable for international visitors.


Ensures clear patient-provider communication, overcoming language barriers for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Facilitates understanding in legal proceedings, ensuring all parties fully comprehend their rights and obligations.


Supports inclusive learning environments by enabling students and educators to communicate effectively, regardless of language differences.


Bridges communication gaps in tech support and product development meetings, fostering innovation in a global marketplace.

Government Services

Enhances accessibility to public services for non-English speakers, ensuring equal access to vital information and assistance.

Customer Service

Improves customer satisfaction by providing immediate, accurate language support, elevating the customer experience.