Certified Translation

Certified Translation

Our Certified Translation Service is specifically designed for documents that necessitate official recognition by institutions such as universities, insurance providers, and potential employers. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Meticulous Translation & Proofreading of vital documents including IDs, passports, academic certificates, official transcripts, and regulatory documents.
  • Official Stamp & Certification: Each document is meticulously translated, proofread, stamped with our company seal, and assigned a unique reference number. Accompanied by a certificate, it attests to the accuracy of the translation, completed by a qualified translator, confirming our confidence in its authenticity and our affiliation with professional bodies like the American Translators Association (ATA). This level of certification is widely accepted for immigration, federal government purposes in the US, and in many cases for the translation of academic records, without the need for notarization.

For documents intended for formal governmental and legal use, our Notarized Translation service provides an additional layer of formal validation. This process includes:

  • Notarization: A formal declaration by the translator or a company representative at the offices of a public notary, under oath, affirming the translation's truthfulness. The notary then endorses the translation with a certified stamp.

Given the typical requirement for original documents in these scenarios, we recommend verification with the requesting body. Notarization involves a separate charge, plus any applicable postage costs.

Getting started with our Certified Translation agency is easy and fast. You can upload your files, get an instant quote, and place your order on our Multilingual OnDemand platform in just a few clicks.


Business Translation

Business Translation

Our Translators: At the heart of our service are native-tongue linguists, experts in the specific subject matter required. Through continuous investment in recruitment and training, we ensure our team is both technically and linguistically equipped to deliver high-quality language services. Our adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certifications underscores our commitment to quality, with every business translation undergoing translation, independent proofreading, and editing by competent linguists.

24/7 Customer Service: Our dedicated account managers span the globe, ensuring prompt, friendly, and reliable customer service around the clock. Backed by a large in-house staff and versatile engineers, we promise fast turnaround on all projects, regardless of file format.

Linguistic Resources: Our global network of translators meets stringent industry standards, combining native language fluency with subject matter expertise.

File Types: From Frame Maker to HTML and XML, our toolkit is as broad as it is deep, ensuring your documents, whether websites, brochures, or user guides, retain their layout and print quality.

Desktop Publishing (DTP): Our DTP specialists adeptly format multilingual documents for PS/PDF files, ready for print or publication across both PC and Mac platforms.

Translation Memory: Leveraging tools like Trados and MemoQ, we enhance efficiency and consistency, offering TM files and glossaries as deliverables upon request.

Quality Assurance: Our process, honed to produce translations that resonate as original works in the target language, involves a trio of professional linguists—translator, editor, and proofreader—augmented by a final QA check to ensure adherence to client instructions on style, terminology, and consistency.

Discover Our Business Translation Services:

  • Certified Translations
  • Website Translations
  • Software Translations
  • Multimedia Translations

Have any questions or need a free consultation? Contact us! For substantial projects, we offer a 300-word sample translation at no cost to you.

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A message that resonates deeply in its original language finds a new life in another, preserving its emotional impact and cultural relevance. This is the heart of Transcreation—more than translation, it’s a creative journey across cultural landscapes. Essential in cross-cultural marketing, this process navigates the nuances of cultural differences, idioms, and expressions, transforming potential pitfalls into powerful connections.

In the realm of global marketing and advertising, transcreation is not just preferred; it's imperative. Advertisers aiming to break through cultural barriers demand this specialized service to ensure their campaigns thrive in diverse markets. Transcreation melds marketing savvy, linguistic precision, and cultural insight, transcending simple translation to recreate the message’s essence uniquely tailored to each target audience.

Our Transcreation Team: Drawing from extensive collaborations with advertising and marketing experts, MLT has cultivated a global network of transcreators. Stationed across Asia, Europe, and North America, they excel not only in linguistic skills but bring a wealth of knowledge about target markets and the creative flair needed to adapt messages with finesse.

Our Services: Encompassing all facets of Advertising and Marketing campaigns—from Branding and Copywriting to Posters, Presentations, and even Commercials—our transcreation services ensure your brand’s voice speaks volumes, no matter the language.

Eager to learn how our transcreation can elevate your global marketing efforts? Contact us today for a comprehensive discussion and a free quote. Let’s make your message resonate worldwide.